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Solaray's Sharpmind is a natural blend

Powerful Nootropics

This award-winning brain formula is packed with nootropics like DopaBean extract (L-Dopa), Ginkgo Biloba, and Cat’s Claw. The end product is a potent, powerful blend of synergistic herbs designed to target and help support cognitive function, mental clarity, and focus. This once-daily formula may also support memory, alertness, and mood.

Why Sharpmind from Solaray?

At Solaray, we researched and hand-picked each herb we carry and combined them into an easy-to-consume mindfulness and cognitive health supplement. This powerful blend of nootropics is packed with herbs that have been used as folk remedies around the world for centuries.


Sharpmind Benefits

Designed to support memory, alertness, and mood.

Promotes Calmness

  • 350mg Cat's Claw for calmness

Supports Mood

  • 20mg DoaBean for mood support

Memory Function

  • 60mg Gingko Biloba for memory and cognition support

Relieves Stress

  • 140mg Horse Chestnut to support occasional tensions & stress
Sharpmind, Cognitive Support Formula

Sharpmind, Cognitive Support Formula


Featured Ingredients

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Cat's Claw

May support calmness, stress & tension, & immune support

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Ginkgo Biloba

May support calmness, stress, tension, & immune support

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May support calmness, mood, antioxidants, and libio support

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Huperzine A

Comes from Chinese Moss, may improve memory and may support nerve cells

"I can recall and recognize information better..."
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“After taking this for 8 months I can say that my brain feels incredible. I can recall and recognize information better, retrieve information quicker and yet I’m calmer. I’m more organized and alert as well...” - Lucia

Help support healthy cognitive function with Sharpmind.

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