Own the Stage.

Support for today and tomorrow. STAGES offers solutions at every life phase, with clinically backed ingredients you can count on.


  • For Every Woman at Every Age.

  • It’s time to speak openly about our well-being, about our
    life phases, about aging. It’s time women have the information and help we need to look and feel our very best.

    STAGES is a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive line for all the years of your life. Find the product for your stage and find one complete solution you can count on for your most common concerns. As you move into the next phase, simply switch to the next formula in the lineup. Each supplement is anchored by one or more proven, clinically studied ingredients, so you can rest assured you’re getting the powerful support you need—without soy or hormones.

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For Women, By Women

Doctor Formulated.

As a woman who’s been practicing medicine for over 30 years, renowned MD Pamela Peeke knows a little something about women’s health.

Along with the women of the Solaray innovation team, she put her lifetime of knowledge and experience into formulating STAGES—for efficacious solutions you can truly trust.

Women’s Life Stages Aren’t Taboo Topics

Let's Talk Proudly.

As a sponsor of the Where Should We Begin? podcast, hosted by psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author Esther Perel, our STAGES line will be featured on upcoming episodes, along with personal stories from women across the country in every life phase. Tune in.

“The thing I appreciate most about Solaray as a brand is that their formulas are backed by science. They have in-house, state-of-the-art labs, and they triple test their supplements to make sure that they are pure and potent.”


    Ages: 12-40^

    PMS & Menstrual

    It’s about time that time of the month got a little easier. Get support for a healthy, happy cycle.*

    $21.99 USD

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    Peace out, PMS.


    Ages: 35-55


    A unique formula for a unique time, delivering targeted support for top perimenopause symptoms and concerns.*

    $36.99 USD

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    A new lease on midlife.


    Ages: 50s


    Find comfort during “The Change” with targeted ingredients for top menopausal symptoms and concerns.*

    $36.99 USD

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    Ages: 55+


    Menopause is in your rearview. Move forward supported with ingredients specially studied for this new adventure.

    $36.99 USD

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    There’s so much to look forward to.


    All Adult Ages


    Loss of libido can happen at any stage. Turn to this expert formula to help sustain the spark.*

    $21.99 USD

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    Stay sexy.

  • Peace out, PMS.

  • A new lease on midlife.

  • Ch-ch-ch-changes.

  • There’s so much to look forward to.

  • Stay sexy.

^If you're under the age of 18, talk with your healthcare provider before using this product.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How does her life STAGES differ from other women’s supplements on the market?

A: We say her life STAGES™ is a first-of-its-kind line of supplements because it is. It includes products for every phase of a woman’s life—from PMS and menstruation all the way through postmenopause—plus a bonus formula for libido support across stages.* The products are made for women, by women: They’re doctor-formulated by a nationally renowned MD and leading women’s health expert. And they contain clinically backed, proven ingredients that have been specially studied for each stage and its typical symptoms. What’s more, the supplements are vegan, gluten-free, and made
without hormones or soy.

STAGES allows you to simplify your wellness routine and still get the truly effective support you need, both today and tomorrow. You can count on STAGES during all the years of each stage, through all the stages of your life. PMS & Menstrual, Perimenopause, Menopause, and Postmenopause are crafted as complete solutions, designed to help address that stage’s most common concerns while also supporting healthy blood glucose levels, a healthy thyroid, and overall well-being.* As you move into the next phase, just
switch to the next formula to support lingering plus new issues. With STAGES, we have your back every step of the way.

Q: How do I know which STAGES formula is right for me?

A: Every woman’s hormonal journey is unique, and the timing, duration, and symptoms of each stage will vary from person to person. Our PMS & Menstrual formula is designed for menstruating women over 18 who are looking for PMS and healthy cycle support.*† If you're under the age of 18, talk with your healthcare provider before using
this product. Perimenopause is intended for women who may still have a period but are also beginning to experience some menopausal symptoms.*†‡

Menopause is there when you no longer need any cycle support; when you’re focused on finding comfort through hot flashes and night sweats, while also supporting a healthy weight, energy levels, and more.‡*

You can stay on this formula as long as you continue to strongly experience menopause symptoms. Postmenopause comes in once menopause is in your rearview. It’s designed as a 55+ formula, though you may want or need to take it earlier. It can support lingering hot flashes and night sweats, as well as mood, sleep, and weight loss.‡* Unlike the Menopause formula, it includes clinically studied resveratrol to support cognitive health.*

For additional help finding your formula, take our quick and simple online STAGES Quiz.

Q: What types of ingredients do these products contain?

A: The exact makeup of each formula differs from product to product; full Supplement Facts panels with ingredient lists can be found on each product’s web page. STAGES supplements are doctor-formulated and contain expert blends of traditional herbs long used for women’s wellness, vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds. Each formula is anchored by one or more clinically studied, proven ingredients. They are made without hormones or soy, and they’re also vegan and gluten-free.

Q: Are the formulas hormone-free?

A: Yes. All STAGES formulas are made without hormones. They’re also made without soy and are vegan and gluten-free.

Q: Do these products contain soy?

A: No. All STAGES formulas are made without soy. They’re also made without hormones and are vegan and gluten-free.

Q: Is there caffeine in these products?

A: Both our PMS & Menstrual and Menopause formulas are designed for energy support and contain naturally occurring caffeine from green tea extract, equivalent to approximately 1/3 a cup of coffee.* They are not recommended for use by children under 18 years of age. Perimenopause, Postmenopause, and Libido do not contain any caffeine.

Q: Who is the doctor behind these products?

A: To create the most efficacious formulas, the women of Solaray’s innovation team partnered with Pamela Peeke, MD, a nationally renowned women’s health expert who has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years. Dr. Peeke is a former researcher with the National Institutes of Health who has been named one of the country’s top physicians by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.

Q: When can I expect to see results from these supplements?

A: Results vary depending on the supplement and the individual. The products are designed to begin working to support some concerns shortly after use, but you may need a week to a few weeks for their full benefits to be realized. For best results, take your product consistently, following the dosing instructions on the label and consulting with your doctor. Although most of our customers are very happy with their STAGES formulas, all supplements may not work for everyone. If this is the case for you and you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we’ll be happy to honor our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Q: Is it safe to take these supplements with other medications, such as birth control or HRT?

A: Your health and safety is our number one priority. While there are no direct contraindications between STAGES formulas and any medications, we always recommend you talk to your doctor before beginning a new supplement routine and share your experience taking OTC supplements with them. Like all Solaray products, STAGES formulas are lab-verified at our state-of-the-art lab in the beautiful mountains of Utah, where they are triple tested to meet the most stringent standards for purity and potency. Read more about our facilities and quality protocols.

Q: Can I take the Libido formula with another STAGES product?

A: Yes. The Libido formula is designed to help promote a healthy sex life across all adult phases and can be taken in combination with any of the other STAGES products.*

Have additional questions? Our Product Education Specialists are happy to help. Contact them here.