Artichoke Leaf
Artichoke Leaf - 405 mg

Artichoke Leaf


Just as you make sure to check that your water, air and other filters are working properly, it's important to keep your own built in filters clean and running smoothly. That's why Solaray has developed Artichoke Leaf, formulated to support a healthy liver!

Containing a plant compound known for its liver tonic properties -- cynarin -- artichoke leaves may help support a healthy liver and gallbladder as well as healthy digestion. Additionally, an antioxidant found in artichoke leaves known as luteolin may help support and maintain healthy cardiovascular function.

At Solaray, we believe it is our responsibility to deliver products to our customers with the same energy and goodness they contain when we harvest them. Our Artichoke Leaf is Non-GMO, vegan, and lab verified for identity, purity and potency. With Solaray, you can trust you're giving your body the very best.