New Bottle, Same Trusted Product

New Bottle, Same Trusted Product

Our bottles are starting to look different, and we are elated to share it with you.

New look, same trusted product

Our new timeless look better represents our rich heritage, the lifestyle we embody today, and the core principles that help us navigate both the present and future:

To help people optimize their wellness through clean ingredients from the earth, consistent innovation, and a commitment to care responsibly for the planet.

The Mountains

New bottle, same trusted product


Some of the first Solaray bottles were hand-designed and manually printed right from our founder’s design desk. The view from that desk was nothing short of breathtaking.

Utah is home to the famed Wasatch Mountains, an expansive wonder that served as a compelling inspiration each morning to pursue better health through nature-derived solutions.


We wanted to honor this history in a tangible way by redesigning our bottle labels with custom artwork to capture the essence of those mountains.

Our loyal customers who’ve been with us across decades will also notice something familiar: our reimagined logo, which closely resembles one of our very first logo designs showcased during our early days.

You may have already seen some new bottles start to hit our shelves, as we meticulously work through each product to ensure our new label represent each one. 

We can't wait for this new journey for Solaray, and to take our incredible customers along for the ride.


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