Our Partners

Our Partners

On staying loyal.

“We are who we surround ourselves with,” as the adage goes, and we take that to heart with regard to our partners.

Since the inception of the brand in 1973, Solaray has been sold in the network of health food stores (HFS) as that channel best mirrors our own core principles in the comprehensive pursuit of wellness. The trust we’ve built with our customer consistently over time is also reflected in our partnership with HFS, as they are committed to curating and representing natural-based product as well. A special relationship exists between the customer and health food stores, as HFS is a mainstay in our customers’ lives given the high priority they place on optimizing wellness.

In essence, the Solaray customer, and health food stores share the same values.

As Solaray expands its reach both globally and online, we also remain true to the HFS channel because we believe in the importance of keeping company with those who uphold similarly high standards.

They’ve been with us since the start, adhere to the ideals that we and our customers care about most, and best represent the quality and curation that people around the world have come to associate with the Solaray brand.

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