Our Manufacturing Promise: Quality and Efficacy

Our Manufacturing Promise: Quality and Efficacy

At Solaray, our goal is simple and singular: create the highest-quality, most efficacious supplements under the sun. Supplements that you and your loved ones can trust—that help you Live Brighter.

Here’s how we do it. 

Quality Starts at the Source

Our innovation team is composed of experts in research and development and formulation. They work tirelessly, scouring the globe for the most premium raw materials available. To this end, they value sourcing ingredients such as herbs from their native regions, where these plants grow best. For example, they source our maca from Peru, elderberry from Europe, saw palmetto from Florida, and ashwagandha from India.

Responsible sourcing is always of the utmost importance, and they seek out clean and traceable ingredients, selecting non-GMO and organic options whenever possible. They also prioritize clinically backed nutrients with proven efficacy, for support you can truly count on.

In the end, our stringent sourcing standards mean we reject a large percentage of potential suppliers. We’re left with only the very best ingredients so we can create some of the very best supplements on the market.

Test, Test & Test Again: Our Industry-Leading Protocols

To ensure we have in fact found the highest-quality ingredients, we turn to our team of scientists at our state-of-the-art lab in Ogden, Utah. With master’s and doctorate degrees in biology, biochemistry, and related disciplines, these skilled professionals guide your supplements through meticulous testing protocols that far exceed industry standards. Because our innovation team and roster of scientists are in-house, we can achieve cohesion between research and manufacturing. And we regularly turn to our prestigious Science Advisory Board for additional advice and counsel.

Solaray supplements are triple tested: with our suppliers, before the ingredients ever reach our manufacturing facility; at intake; and then again before being bottled. No skip lot or repeat lot testing of raw materials is allowed, meaning all raws are tested—we test every batch, every time. Before one of our 700+ supplements reaches store shelves or ships to your home, not only will it have been tested at three different stages in the manufacturing process, it will have undergone up to six different types of quality tests in that time.

  • Physical characteristics testing: Raw materials are tested to ensure they meet our exacting criteria for moisture content, particle size, and more. These characteristics impact the manufacturing process and are important considerations when filling, compressing, and blending the ingredients for your supplements.
  • Microbial testing: Samples are screened for a variety of unwanted microorganisms such as coli to make sure nothing harmful makes its way to you. In that vein, our probiotics are also tested in our microbial laboratory for viability, so you can feel confident you’re getting potent doses of beneficial bacteria.
  • Disintegration testing: We test our tablets, capsules, and softgels to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards and beyond, ensuring they disintegrate when they’re intended and that you receive the formulas as designed by our experts.
  • Identity and potency testing: Using spectrophotometric, chromatography, and other advanced techniques, our team can validate that we have received the material we expected—that way you know that what’s on the label is what’s in your product. And thanks to high-end analytical instruments, out team can guarantee that certain active biomarkers or phytonutrients are present in our raw materials at specific levels. When you take your Solaray supplement, you can rest assured you’re getting powerful support.
  • Contaminant testing: You expect a product free of potentially harmful chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. And you can be sure that’s what you’re getting thanks to our extremely sensitive instruments. Likewise, many of our supplements are gluten-free, and we screen these products carefully and precisely.
  • Finished product and stability testing: At the final stage, our team tests to ensure that you’re receiving a quality supplement that meets all label claims. Finished products are regularly tested to make sure everything went as expected throughout the manufacturing process and to guarantee their potency on the shelf and in your medicine cabinet until the use-by date.

We also ensure appropriate third-party certification for designations such as organic, kosher, halal, and non-GMO. And, our labels are regularly reviewed for accuracy to affirm they reflect the latest federal and international regulations.  

From the moment the raw materials arrive through our warehouse receiving doors to the minute your supplements leave our facility, we’ve designed our testing protocols to inspire confidence as you make product decisions you can depend on.

Proudly Manufactured in Utah

These top-tier testing protocols are only possible thanks to our best-in-class lab. We’re extremely proud of the certifications we have achieved and are honored to still manufacture your supplements in Utah, right where Solaray began.

Our facilities are 455 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified. This is a private gold standard, developed by NSF and Global Retailer and Manufacturer Alliance to certify top dietary supplement manufacturers, that requires each step of the manufacturing process be carefully documented. We are an official NSF Listed facility.

Additionally, our lab is also ISO 17025:2017 Certified, which means it meets an internationally recognized high standard set for testing and calibration laboratories. Verification requires a third-party auditor, facility scrutiny, and process analysis, but we’re happy to do it—to further show how much we care about our products and everyone who takes them.

Backed By Science, Rooted In Nature

Solaray was built upon the belief that nature is the source of wellness, and our outlook hasn’t changed. We still bring you clean ingredients from the earth, grounded in traditional remedies, but in formulas created and manufactured by leading scientists using the most advanced equipment and technological approaches.

We know the word quality is used frequently and perhaps frivolously in our industry today. But to us, it means everything. It is one of our core values, and we pledge to not only meet but exceed your expectations for quality products every step of the way.

Solaray tests for heavy metals to assure levels of 3 ppm or less.

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