Live Brighter: More Than Just a Tagline.

Live Brighter: More Than Just a Tagline.

Live Brighter.

You see these words on every Solaray bottle, across our website, and beyond. But they’re more than just a tagline.

Connected to our very name, they’re part of our DNA, of who we are. Above all, they’re a call to action: to pursue the very best for your personal health and give yourself the freedom to do what you love with the ones you love.

These words mean different things to different people, and we like it that way. Because no matter where you are on your wellness journey—whether you’re just starting out and need guidance building your routine or are a seasoned veteran looking to optimize your regimen—we’re here to help. We believe the quest for better health should be open to and accessible by everyone, from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We hope you’ll leave a comment below and share how you Live Brighter. And that you’ll take a moment to watch and read what these words signify to us—to discover how they’re at the heart of our mission, our “why,” fueling everything we do.

Our Mission

Since 1973, Solaray has scoured the globe for the highest-quality ingredients, connecting you with the most efficacious supplements that help you Live Brighter and embrace the moments that matter most.

The Solaray Anthem

For 50 years, Solaray vitamins have helped people Live Brighter.

Wellness starts with the proven power of science and clean ingredients from the earth.

Formulated to brighten your beginnings, fresh starts, and new freedoms through open doors, on open roads—these are the moments that fill us with life.

To help you rise with the sun and start daily rituals and routines. In health, with heart, to nourish your well-being—these are the moments that fill us with peace.

To meet each day with resolve and move with purpose and strength. Our ingredients help you reach for the sky as the earth grounds you below. As you find balance with nature and within.

Solaray. Born in 1973.

With pioneering industry standards, best-in-class testing, and over 900 vitamins, minerals, and herbs to support us all in reaching our highest heights and our healthiest selves. 

Live Brighter.

Want to know where and how our Live Brighter anthem was shot? (We chose 16mm film for a timeless feel.) Check out our story Action: Bringing Live Brighter to Life.


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