Our Brand Anthem: Live Brighter

Our Brand Anthem: Live Brighter


To us, Live Brighter is more than just a tagline.

Connected to our very name, it's a general call to action for individuals of all backgrounds to pursue the very best for their personal health and that of their loved ones. It means different things to different people, and we like it that way. Because no matter where you are in your wellness journey - whether you're a seasonal veteran looking to optimize your regimen or a beginner who's in need of some guidance to get started - we believe the quest for better health should be available to everyone. And we're here to help.

View our inaugural brand campaign titled Live Brighter, shot on location in the wilderness of Utah, using 16mm film with Hawk Anamorphic camera lenses -- of which there are only seven in existence -- to achieve the highest level of quality befitting our brand and our customers.