Tongkat Ali Root
Tongkat Ali Root - 60ct 400mg

Tongkat Ali Root


Wondering where your energy went? Looking for that youthful stamina? A traditional herb, tongkat ali root may be just what you need to Let Your Best Self Live Brighter!

Grown from the sun and rich soil of its native Southeast Asia, generations of men have turned to this ancient root looking to support vitality, endurance and drive. A reputed adaptogenic, tongkat ali is thought to help the body adapt to occasional stress and may have a centering effect to help you stay focused and feel great doing it. Taken regularly, it may help boost energy levels, support healthy muscle and may help enhance your performance at the gym, at work, and in your personal life.

Solaray Tongkat Ali Root provides 400mg of the whole root for greater benefit. Plus like all our products, it's lab tested for purity, potency and quality to help you find that youthful glow!