Year In Review: Our 2022 Sustainability Report

Year In Review: Our 2022 Sustainability Report

"Be of service" is one of our five core brand values, and we live it each day—not only by striving to provide you the best supplements under the sun, but also by committing ourselves to sustainability initiatives from large to small. Every effort matters. We don’t do so just to check the box, rather to help drive meaningful change for our generation and generations to come.  

2022 was a big year for Solaray around this pillar. Read on to look back with us at what we were able to accomplish in our relentless search for cleaner solutions. Of course, this work is never done, and we’re always seeking out ways to be a more eco-friendly company. Discover our plans for 2023 as well.  

Solar Panels at Solaray Headquarters

Solaray Went Solar 

Our very name is rooted in light, and we couldn’t be happier to now be drawing energy from the sun at our manufacturing headquarters in Ogden, Utah. In 2022, we installed a 125kW photovoltaic array to help power our production. We hope to install additional panels in the future to further reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. 

Cut Energy Consumption Elsewhere, Too 

We upgraded the HVAC system at our Ogden location with variable frequency drive (VFD), return air quality sensors, and new thermostats to save big in natural gas and electricity consumption. We also upgraded the insulation on all facility roofs to further reduce heating and cooling demand. And, we installed LED lighting with daylight and occupancy controls in all of our warehouse areas: These bulbs use 25% less energy yet provide better illumination than the previously installed metal halide lights​. 

Reduced Water Usage as Much as 50%

2022 was also about saving water. We installed low-flow toilets and faucets in all bathrooms and hand-washing areas at our manufacturing site, reducing water consumption by 50%. To further reduce consumption, we also installed instantaneous hot water heaters and touchless faucets in all hand-washing sinks.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Solaray Headquarters  

Said Goodbye Gas, Hello Electric 

In the last 12 months, we were able to replace our gas- and diesel-powered facility vehicles with an all-electric fleet. To make this possible, we installed on-site EV charging stations, which our employees working to reduce their personal carbon footprints can also use. 

And More… 

In addition to reducing energy and water use, we also focused on the two other “Rs”: reuse and recycle. We donated unused construction supplies to Habitat for Humanity​, repurposed all concrete removed during facility repairs and construction into our road base, and relocated trees when installing additional parking areas. We recycled all steel instead of sending it to the landfill, as well as all spent wood pallets—transitioning to reusable plastic pallets in many areas. 

2023 Sustainability Goals 

It's written into our values to never rest on our laurels. Here’s how we’ll keep pushing this year to better protect the planet we all call home: 

  • Change out remaining fluorescent and metal halide lighting in office areas to more efficient LED options 
  • Reduce trash generation through a cardboard recycling program 
  • Continue recycling all steel and spent wood pallets 
  • Repurpose additional unused construction materials by donating to charity 
  • Repurpose old, spent, or unneeded production equipment 
  • Upgrade one of six 25-year-old inefficient RTUs (combination heat/AC unit) to a new, energy-efficient RTU 
  • Begin reducing the number of box trucks transporting materials between buildings from eight to four  


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