Solaray’s Guide to the Best Hikes in Utah

Solaray’s Guide to the Best Hikes in Utah

Have you seen the movie Wild? Based on a true story and memoir of the same name, Reese Witherspoon sets out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail with little more than a heavy backpack and heavier heart. Throughout the movie, we see her character navigate some harrowing situations that probably could have been avoided with more preparation. After all, it’s important to plan for the support you’ll need before you hit the trail.

There are thousands of miles of spectacular trails right here in our home state of Utah, offering unique opportunities to support your health and well-being. At Solaray, we’re particularly connected to the Wasatch Mountain Range. Keep reading to find out why. Then check out our list of the best hikes in Utah plus get trail tips and supplement recommendations to pair with them, so you’re truly ready for adventure as you Live Brighter in the Beehive State.

The Mountains on Our Labels

Did you know that the first Solaray bottle labels were hand-designed and manually printed in our founder’s humble Utah home? The view from his office desk was nothing short of breathtaking: the state’s famed Wasatch Mountains.

This expansive wonder served as compelling inspiration for him each morning to continue helping others pursue better health through nature-derived solutions. Today, we still see these captivating mountains from our offices in Salt Lake City and our production facility in Ogden. And we honor our history and home by incorporating them onto every Solaray supplement label.

On each of our 100% post-consumer recycled resin bottles, you’ll find the outlines of three rugged Wasatch summits: Sundial Peak, Mount Olympus, and Mount Timpanogos—just a few of the best Utah hiking destinations. 

Popular Utah Trails: Our Top Recs

To help you get out on the trail, we rounded up some of the most beautiful and iconic hikes in Utah, including those out our backdoor. It’s essential to plan ahead so you can avoid any unwanted surprises. Here, read all about the trail you’ll be taking and get our insider tips about these favorite Utah hikes. Then pack enough water, snacks, and a first aid kit and head for the hills. So your body is prepared for what’s ahead—and able to recover well once you’re home—don’t forget to take supportive Solaray supplements (more below) before you lace up your boots or you’ve kicked your feet up.

Sundial Peak via Lake Blanche Trail

If you’re ready for a challenge, check out Sundial Peak via the Lake Blanche Trail. The 7-mile out-and-back near Mounthaven is very difficult and takes an average of five hours to complete. The trail starts by the parking lot with the river running beside you. As you begin to climb the mountain, you’ll have great views of Sundial Peak and Great Salt Lake Valley to the west. At the top lie three beautiful lakes: Lake Blanche, Lake Florence, and Lake Lillian. We recommend taking a protein-packed lunch to fuel up as you enjoy the view. PS: Sundial is the highest peak on our labels, right in the center, standing proudly over the formulas we’ve developed to help you embrace the moments that matter most. 

Delicate Arch Trail

The iconic Delicate Arch is a must-see for Utah locals and visitors alike. It’s located near Moab in the gorgeous Arches National Park with the La Sal mountains as a background. The moderately challenging, 3.2-mile out-and-back trail takes an average of an hour and 35 minutes to complete. The trail takes you up a slickrock slope to a sandstone bowl with the free-standing arch perched on the edge. Consider rising with the sun to see the arch glow, or you can wait until sunset, however there may be more admirers. Even with the crowds, this hike is an incredible experience and a top Utah hiking destination.

Mount Olympus Trail

Mount Olympus is a favorite hike for Salt Lake City locals and great for folks who are vacationing, too. The challenging 6.9-mile out-and-back trail has an elevation gain of 4,087 feet. Mount Olympus’ slabby north face is a highly recognizable symbol of Utah’s natural splendor. The trail is wide and easy to follow, but strenuous enough to keep experienced hikers engaged. We suggest starting early in the morning to avoid the hottest hours of the day, and bringing plenty of water as you explore one of the best hikes in Utah. It’s one of the state’s most iconic mountains, which is why it stands tall on both sides of our labels. It’s a reminder of our promise to craft supplements that help you scale new heights.

Taylor Canyon Trail

This short hike is only three miles in total with a beautiful view as a reward. The elevation rises from 4,840 to 6,400 feet, making this a moderate excursion often billed as one of the great family hikes in Utah, at least for families with older children. Pick up the trail in Ogden, from either the top of 27th Street or the 29th Street Trailhead, and follow the signs to Taylor Canyon. About halfway up, the trail switchbacks to the west as you ascend Malan’s Peak. You’ll see a sliver of the view that awaits. Keep that motivation in mind as you finish the climb, and think ahead to the supplements that will help you recover when you get home.

Mount Timpanogos Trail

Mount Timpanogos is located in the Wasatch Mountain Range within the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness Area. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the 17 miles of maintained trails that are accessible from the Aspen Grove and Timpooneke trailheads, and choose a trail that suits your interests and ability. Mount Timpanogos offers views of rugged terrain with outstanding glacial cirques (the round, circular-shaped valleys below the peaks). During the summer, wildflowers like red paintbrush, white Leafy Jacob’s ladder, and blue lupine burst into full bloom. We want to share that beauty with you, which is why we chose to highlight Mount Timpanogos (it’s the peak in relief) on our supplement bottles. 

Waterfall Canyon

Searching for a short, but strenuous, hike near Solaray’s headquarters in Ogden? Scramble over the rocky terrain and you’ll be rewarded with a view of a spectacular 200-foot waterfall. This Utah waterfall hike is rated difficult, but at just 2.4 miles out and back, you’ll climb the 1,105 elevation gain in no time. Remember: Never climb rocks near the waterfall or act recklessly around this powerful force of nature. Simply catch your breath, have a prebiotic-powered energy bite snack, and enjoy the view before you head back down.

A View Into Our Ogden Facility

Speaking of Ogden, our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities here are as unique as the mountains and trails that surround them. For over 50 years, Solaray has been the trusted name in supplements because our passion has always been simple and singular: to support you with the best formulas under the sun.

We produce more than 700 supplements—vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and more—right in Ogden, in a repurposed military barrack that gives us the space to control every aspect of production ourselves. That includes conducting industry-leading, rigorous quality testing, which our raw ingredients and finished supplements must pass before they’re shared with you. 

When it comes to sustainability, we didn’t just stop at repurposing an existing building. From solar power to an all-electric vehicle fleet, we keep the health of the planet along with your help in mind every step of the way. 

Supplements to Support a Healthy Hike

Are you ready to explore, whether it’s these iconic Utah trails or somewhere in your neck of the woods? Good for you: There are a wide range of health benefits to hiking. You use nearly every muscle in your body, from your legs to your core, and even your arms if you opt for hiking poles. The strenuous exercise and extra vitamin D from being outdoors make hiking an excellent way to maintain your wellness. 

Consider adding specific supplements to your routine to support your body as it tackles a day of strenuous exercise and then restores itself when you get back home. 

  • Multivitamin: A daily multi is always a good idea, whether you’re hiking that day or not. Solaray has lots of options that fit the bill. Our Liposomal Multivitamin Universal is a great choice, offering a high-potency blend of 30 important liposomal nutrients for whole-body wellness—with 19 vitamins and minerals at 100% of the Daily Value or more.* Specifically, it offers support for cellular energy and energy metabolism to help fuel your healthy, active life.* Our Active Man, Once Daily Woman, and High Energy multivitamins can also help ensure you have the nutritional support you need to feel and function at your best.

  • Energy Support: You’ll want to stay alert on the trail so you can spot any potential dangers and enjoy every beautiful detail nature has to offer. SharpMind Nootropics Energy is fast-acting and formulated to help sustain your mental energy, without the jitters that sometimes come with caffeine.* It contains 300 mg of a clinically backed galangal that has been observed to sharpen alertness and focus for up to five hours.* 

  • Mushrooms: Many people say they feel more connected to nature when they hike. In fact, you may see fascinating mushrooms on the trail. It might be tempting to enjoy one or two for their health benefits while you’re out, but not all mushrooms are edible. We strongly recommend using lab-tested supplements instead to support your well-being. The mushrooms we source are grown under optimal conditions, in a sterile facility with state-of-the-art high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration. 

  • Our Fermented Mushroom Complete includes eight different mushrooms—chaga, lion's mane, maitake, reishi, royal agaricus, shiitake, turkey tail, and cordyceps. The cell walls of these mushrooms contain naturally occurring polysaccharides called beta glucans. Research suggests the beta glucans in mushrooms may provide nutritive support for healthy immune function.* And you don’t want to miss a single hike. Learn more about what makes Solaray’s mushroom formulas stand out in our Field Guide to Mushroom Supplements.

  • Turmeric: While it has been used for thousands of years as both a culinary spice and in traditional Ayurvedic remedies, turmeric has been enjoying a recent surge in popularity. And it's no wonder why: The key constituent in turmeric, curcumin, is thought to offer a host of health benefits, especially for your joints. Our ProSorb Turmeric is expertly formulated for 29X more absorption, so you can get truly powerful support for joint health and comfort—and keep hiking.* 

  • Magnesium: Our best-selling Magnesium Glycinate can support your bones and muscles as you’re on the move and help you find rest and relaxation during your downtime.* That way, you feel recovered and ready to explore more. It features 350 mg of high-absorption magnesium bisglycinate per serving plus black pepper extract to aid in gentle digestion.* We also offer a Magnesium Glycinate Powder that you could easily add to your pre-hike power smoothie or post-working nighttime mocktail.

  • Trek Our Favorite Utah Mountain Hikes and Beyond

    Now that you’re prepared, go out and enjoy all the beauty Utah—and the world—has to offer. These hiking tips and supplement suggestions carry over to hikes close to home and around the globe. Of course, we hope you’ll take Solaray with you on your adventures wherever you end up.

    When you care for your body and support it in the ways it needs, you can enjoy hiking for many years to come. The key is maintaining your wellness routine and providing extra support before and after you reach the peak.

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