Why Absorption Matters When Choosing Supplements + Meet Our New ProSorb Line

Why Absorption Matters When Choosing Supplements + Meet Our New ProSorb Line

When you take a supplement, you want and expect to be getting the ingredients promised on its label. The truth is our bodies may not always absorb all the nutrients found in traditional options. So, what’s the answer? How can you ensure you’re choosing high-quality, high-absorption products? Phytosomal formulations are part of the solution. 

Read on to learn about phytosomes and the benefits of phytosomal technology, plus meet our new ProSorb line of formulas expertly designed for superior absorption.

The Absorption Problem

You might think that as a supplement company we wouldn’t want to share this. But we’re on a mission to provide the products and the information you need to Live Brighter. The science is clear: We may absorb only a portion of the vitamins, minerals, and herbs found in many typical supplements. Beneficial compounds such as curcumin (in turmeric) and berberine (in an array of plants), in particular, have been shown to have low absorption and poor bioavailability in some traditional formats. 1,2,3  

That doesn’t mean supplements are pointless—in fact, far from it. Importantly, research also shows we don’t absorb all the nutrients from the food we eat. For example, as little as 5% of the vitamin K, 12% of the iron, and 20-40% of the calcium and magnesium found in fruits and vegetables may be bioavailable to us.4 And in many cases, you’d have to eat impossibly large quantities of foods to get the same amount of nutrients or active compounds that can be delivered in a single supplement serving.

Supplements are a great way to help close any naturally occurring nutritional gaps in our diet and to get beneficial amounts of nutrients that are sometimes difficult to obtain from food alone.

But not all supplements are created equal.

A Solution: Phytosomal Technology for Advanced Nutrient Delivery

At Solaray, we aim to provide you with the highest-quality supplements under the sun. That means creating truly bioavailable products, which is why we offer easier-to-absorb, often chelated, forms of nutrients like Magnesium Glycinate and Zinc Citrate; specially formulated blends with bioavailability in mind, including Super Bio Vitamin C and Super Bio Vitamin D-3; and our Mycrobiome line of probiotics in Enteric Shield VegCaps, which help ensure the beneficial bacteria arrive safely and alive, where your body needs them.* 

And we don’t stop there. We’re consistently innovating, consulting the very latest science to bring you supplements formulated using the most advanced technology available—including our new ProSorb phytosomal formulations.

What Are Phytosomes?

You may have heard of liposomes before. When used in liposomal supplements, these small bubbles of the same fats that make up human cells (phospholipids) fully encase nutrients to help shield them from the harsh digestive process. The science has shown that liposomes can provide effective protection for vitamins and minerals.5,6

Phytosome™ formulations are similar: Rather than envelop the nutrients, phytosomes directly bind them to phospholipids for protection from stomach acid and enzymes, helping them better survive digestion so they can be absorbed and used by the body. Research suggests phytosomes especially offer excellent protection and increased absorption for botanical (herbal) extracts and natural compounds.7,8

In addition, phytosomes help the extracts and compounds act gently on the digestive system for a comfortable experience.

This is precisely why we’re excited to launch our brand-new ProSorb Peak Absorption™ line using 100% Phytosome technology.

Introducing Solaray ProSorb Peak Absorption Formulas

ProSorb means superior absorption, guaranteed. Our new ProSorb formulas are crafted using scientifically backed ingredients and cutting-edge phytosomal technology for peak nutrient bioavailability—9-29X more bioavailability, to be exact.  

Like all Solaray products, they’re lab verified and meet the most stringent standards for purity and potency. What’s more, they’re also easy to digest, vegan, gluten-free, and made without soy, delivering powerful support in just one convenient capsule per serving.

  • ProSorb Berberine 9X is specially formulated with 550 mg of clinically studied BerbeVis® Phytosome™ standardized to 30% berberine, for nine times more absorption and powerful overall wellness support.* Berberine is a beneficial compound found in a variety of plants, including the herb Berberis aristata, long used in Ayurvedic medicine. It can be notoriously difficult to absorb, but this phytosomal delivery format optimizes berberine’s bioabsorption profile.
  • ProSorb Quercetin 20X contains 250 mg of clinically studied Quercefit® Phytosome™ standardized to 40% quercetin, for 20 times absorption to help you stay feeling your best.*Quercetin is a potent flavonoid. Because flavonoids act as antioxidants in the body, this nutrient helps promote overall health and well-being.*
  • ProSorb CoQ-10 9X delivers 200 mg of clinically studied Ubiqsome® Phytosome™ standardized to 20% coenzyme Q-10, for nine times more absorption and powerful support. CoQ-10 is found in almost every cell in the body and acts as an antioxidant to promote wellness.*
  • ProSorb Turmeric 29X includes 500 mg of clinically studied Meriva® Phytosome™, a full-spectrum turmeric extract standardized to 20% curcuminoids, for 29 times more absorption and efficacious joint support for your active life.* Turmeric contains an array of curcuminoids, including well-known curcumin, which help maintain overall joint health and joint comfort.* 

Absorb More. Reach Your Peak.

When it comes to the supplements you choose to take, absorption matters. Because the body can sometimes have difficulty absorbing certain nutrients and compounds, and thus difficulty receiving all their health benefits, you want to shop from brands that prioritize absorption and select formulas that are specially designed for increased bioavailability.

One type of high-absorption supplement to look for? Phytosomal formulations, such as those in our new ProSorb Peak Absorption line, which offers 9-29X enhanced absorption. ProSorb formulas aren’t your average Berberine, Turmeric, Quercetin, or CoQ-10 supplements: They’re crafted with clinically backed ingredients using 100% Phytosome technology for peak nutrient bioavailability.

Along with our other expertly formulated vitamins, minerals, and herbs in an array of high-potency, high-absorption options, Solaray ProSorb products are setting a new supplement standard so you can reach your peak. 



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