Seasonal Supplements: Refresh Your Routine for Spring

Seasonal Supplements: Refresh Your Routine for Spring

The long winter is over, and as the legendary Dolly Parton once sang, it’s time to “yawn and stretch and try to come to life.” 

Spring is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Just like the birds and the trees, your body is reawakening after a season of rest. Make the most of this busy and beautiful time of year with supplements that support your mind and body.

Get Support to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Getting outside after a long winter can feel amazing, but your body may need more support than usual to ease the transition to brighter days and warmer weather. For example, whether you are mowing the lawn or going for a hike, there are simple ways to breathe a little easier and enjoy all the season has to offer.

Mullein is a powerful herb that has traditionally been used for respiratory support.* Though clinical studies are needed to confirm its benefits, mullein is having a renaissance now, and for good reason: It contains large amounts of mucilage, a gelatinous soluble fiber believed to be the source of the botanical’s soothing effects.* Try our new value size non-GMO project certified Mullein Leaf 330mg capsules.

Did you know that research has shown allergic reactions begin in the immune system? A strong immune system is important to feeling your best and keeping your body functioning as it should. Zinc is a favorite for immune support, and our Zinc 50mg provides a powerful dose of this important trace mineral.

Show Your Skin Some Love

It's important to care for your skin year-round, but especially after a harsh, dry winter. In addition to topical products, supplements can help promote healthy looking skin from the inside out. For instance, astaxanthin extract supports skin’s elasticity and firmness and can help maintain your skin’s moisture.*

Another way to give your skin a glow-up for spring? Our specially formulated Skin Blend. It's packed with skin-loving herbs including burdock, yellowdock, and red clover.

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Do a Little Internal Spring Cleaning

Now that heavy winter meals are in the rearview mirror, it is an ideal time to do some internal spring cleaning. Our food-grade activated charcoal is intended to help bind unwanted materials within the digestive tract to support overall comfort.* Rather than sourcing activated charcoal from hardwood in Norway, an unsustainable source, ours proudly comes from upcycled coconut husks from Sri Lanka.

If you don’t already take a probiotic, now is a good time to consider adding one to your routine. Early spring vegetables like broccoli can sometimes be hard to digest, so before you fill your fridge with fresh seasonal produce, consider adding a daily probiotic supplement, like our Men’s Mycrobiome or Women’s Mycrobiome, to support your overall digestive health.* 

For fast-acting support, count on digestive enzymes such as pancreatin, pepsin, and papain. They help your body break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and promote nutrient absorption. Our award-winning Super Digestaway contains a powerful blend of these potent enzymes and more to help comfort your digestive system when you need it most.*

Find New Ways to Energize Your Days

You want to embrace sunny mornings and active afternoons. Our SharpMind Energy nootropic formula is a caffeine-free way to stay alert and vibrant.* It contains a blend of mushrooms and herbs to sustain mental energy, plus 300mg of clinically backed galangal, which has been observed to sharpen alertness and focus for up to five hours.*†

Looking for more support to enjoy the extra hours of daylight? Consider B vitamins, which support cellular energy and energy metabolism. Most B vitamins are not stored in the body, so it's important to acquire these nutrients through diet and supplements. Our Vitamin B-Complex 100 delivers a combination of all eight B vitamins in one powerfully simple serving. 

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Help Yourself Sleep Easy

Bright morning sunshine and longer days can upset circadian rhythms and make it harder to access restful sleep. We offer specially formulated supplements to support the seven to nine hours of sleep most adults need for optimum health. 

Our SharpMind Nootropics Sleep contains 120mg of clinically backed ashwagandha, which supports a healthy sleep cycle plus 3mg of extended-release melatonin to help you sleep through the night.*

Sleep hygiene is also important, so after you take your supplements, try some new techniques to encourage restful sleep. Meditation, keeping your room cool and dark, and reading before bed are just a few tips for better sleep from Dr. Pamela Peeke, head of the Solaray Science Advisory Team.

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Embrace Good Health All Year Long

Spring is fleeting, but healthy habits are forever. Make the most of the season with supplements that help you Live Brighter and embrace the moments that matter most.

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