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Based on your data, you are on the FOCUS Pathway. Solaray SharpMind is just one of the curated Solaray products you will receive as part of your custom nutritional experience at The Light House.

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Welcome to

The Light House

You’re on your way to a personalized nutritional journey designed to help you Live Brighter. Your Event Pathway is your ticket to a one-night-only custom dining experience called The Light House, where you’ll receive drinks, dinner, and more, all curated to your nutritional area of interest.

About the Event:

The Light House is a distinct, first-of-its-kind dinner experience hosted by Solaray, one of the original pioneers in multivitamin health & wellness.

An in-person experience of the new Solaray Live Brighter Campaign that focuses on our belief that nature and food is the source of healthy nutrition and the key to wellness.

Hosted by a Registered Dietician who is available for interviews and consultations, as well as Solaray's Chief Innovation Officer, and attended by other trusted voices in the wellness community.

Connect with fellow opinion leaders in the space and gain a new level of nutritional insight.

Thank you for being one of the first to take the Find Your Light assessment. We’ll see you at The Light House.