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We believe strongly in our products, and we use them ourselves.
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Kristie Erickson

Executive Administrator

It's the best! I take Solaray Mycrobiome Women's Formula regularly. It has helped keep my stomach feeling so much better and helps with my mood.
Tanner Payne


I choose Solaray because I know the strict testing that goes into the quality of each product and that I will get exactly what it says on the label.
Kathy Knisely


I use Solaray supplements because they work!



Everyone can use these products in a world where there is too much fast food!
Tanner Clark


I'm always looking for supplements that help me recover from being active and feel good again. Our Turmeric has been a huge help for getting back in the action.
Rachel Kilroy

Product Development

If there’s an herb I’m looking for, Solaray has it. And I’m always confident knowing that the raw materials are meticulously sourced and tested for purity.


I bought Solaray even before I worked at the company. I avoid pesticides and additives in my foods, so why would I put anything other than clean supplements in my body.
Cory McQueen


It’s a basic, but Vitamin C is a Solaray staple and it helps my family and I stay healthy.
Madison Jardine


I love that the prenatal multivitamin gives my body the nutrients, support, and balance I need to be a happy and healthy expecting mom.

Board of Advisors

Raphael Kellman, MD

Board Member

A pioneer in integrative and functional medicine, Dr. Kellman has treated tens of thaousands of patients from all over the world using his unique testing and microbiome-centered treatment approaches.
Paul Barney, MD

Board Member

Author of the "Doctor's Guide to Mnatural Medice", Dr. Barney has been using herbs in his medical practics since 1992 and has been asked to lecture extensivly on the use of natural medicine in the medical field.

Board Member

Certified nutritional consultant and board ertified in Integrative Medicine, Roslyn has over 25 years of expeirence with vitamins and herb. She focuses on women's health issues including aging gracefully, menopause, PMS, and others.