Activated Charcoal, Coconut Source Powder 5.3oz 150g

Unflavored, 5.3oz/150 g

Activated Charcoal, Coconut Source - 5.3oz/150 g

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About the Product

Activated Charcoal can provide inner cleansing for digestive tract support - a deep clean for deep comfort.

While a shower everyday will keep you clean on the outside, what are you doing to stay clean on the inside? While there are many ways to “clean” your insides, one of the most powerful may be with our food-grade, coconut sourced, Activated Charcoal.

Intended to help absorb materials within the digestive tract to support comfort, Activated Charcoal may also support total body cleansing through its highly adsorptive properties. Activated Charcoal may absorb and help to expel toxins through the digestive tract and help with bloating from occasional water retention.

A vast majority of Solaray products are vegan, non-GMO, and lab-tested for potency, purity and identity and Activated Charcoal is no exception. Feel better from the inside out and Let Your Best Self Shine‚Ñ¢ with Solaray Activated Charcoal!


Activated Charcoal (from Coconut)

How to Use

  • Take 500 mg (approximately 1/4 rounded teaspoon) with a glass of water. Take between meals. Use only as directed.

  • Store in a cool, dry place.