Bio E Gamma Plex, Vitamin E Complex 268 mg (400 IU)


Bio E Gamma Plex, Vitamin E Complex - Softgel

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About the Product

Vitamin E with Natural Tocopherol Blend may help support healthy heart function, skin, and more.

A vitamin E supplement that shines bright above the rest.

One of the "big three" in antioxidant support (along with vitamins C and A), vitamin E is an essential nutrient that helps to protect at the cellular level and may support healthy cardiovascular function and softer, more radiant skin.

Committed to crafting quality supplements that just work better, Solaray offers our Bio E Gamma Plex-- a high-potency, high-absorption vitamin E complex that not only provides 268 mg (1,787% DV) of vitamin E as the common d-alpha tocopherol, but four other structurally related forms of vitamin E in our Natural Tocopherol Blend. We've also added lecithin and selenium to help enhance bioavailability, absorption, and antioxidant activity.

Give your body extraordinary support and shine brighter with Solaray Bio E Gamma Plex!


Vitamin E (as d-Alpha Tocoherol), Selenium (as Selenomethionine), Natural Tocopherol Blend: d-Gamma Tocopherol (300 mg), d-Delta Tocopherol (120 mg), d-Alpha Tocopherol (265 mg), d-Beta Tocopherol (5 mg), Tocotrienol Concentrate (Supplying 5 mg Tocotrienols)

How to Use

Take two softgels daily with a meal or glass of water. Use only as directed.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.