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Fermented Black Garlic Bulb 500mg

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Its distinctive flavor makes it a prized addition to Asian cuisine. But in spite of the exotic-sounding name, black garlic is the regular garlic bulb enzymatically fermented, which changes the color from white to black.

Fermentation breaks down active sulfur compounds in garlic, making it easier to digest and reducing the chance for strong-tasting burps. But more importantly, the fermentation is thought to improve the garlic's antioxidant activity for even greater health support. These powerful antioxidants may help boost healthy immune function, protect against damaging free radicals and provide impressive support to heart health.

Solaray Fermented Black Garlic is made from the whole bulb, so you get the most from every capsule. And like all Solaray products, it's lab tested for purity and potency, part of our commitment to cutting-edge, high quality supplements to help your body shine!