Fermented Shiitake Mushroom 1000mg

Fermented Shiitake Mushroom 1000mg


Powerful nutrition for a brighter, healthier you!

Reputed to help support a healthy immune system, Solaray Grown Fermented
Shiitake Mushrooms are a glowing addition to any supplement regimen! Naturally
occurring beta-glucans and proteoglycans -- key compounds in the mushrooms may help support a healthy immune response and could be beneficial to normal liver function
and digestive health.

The fmushroom mycelium biomass, the root-like part of the mushroom that grows outward to obtain water and food from its surroundings, is cultured on gluten-free, whole oats, then fermented to enhance absorption and help support healthy gut flora.

Part of the Solaray single-herb supplement line, our Shiitake Mushrooms are non-GMO, 100% vegan and contain no fillers or additives.