Immufight Respiratory Support
Immufight Respiratory Support - 90ct

Immufight Respiratory Support


A comprehensive respiratory formula is here. Solaray ImmuFight Respiratory Support is formulated with prebiotic, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to provide bronchial and lung support when needed. Fast-acting seasonal support for healthy immune response, respiratory function, and healthy breathing.

Feature Benefits

Immufight Respiratory Response has the same formula as our Daily Defense Immufight with added ingredients to help give bronchial & lung support. It is formulated for specialized reactive support targeted for respiratory needs.

Featured Ingredients

  • Quercetin

    Plant flavonoid antioxidant, may support healthy sinus, upper respiratory, bronchial & lung support, and immune function
  • Berberine

    Alkaloid that helps support a healthy microbiome, immune function and metabolism
  • Cayenne

    Traditionally used in respiratory formulas to help support clear breathing
  • Ginger

    Contains phytonutrients that help support normal healthy immune and inflammatory response
  • Aloe

    Soothing herb that helps to provide support for the immune system
  • Bromelain

    Proteolytic (Protein Digesting) Enzyme naturally-found in pineapple may help support clear breathing