Immufight Ultimate Immune Support
Immufight Ultimate Immune Support - 90ct

Immufight Ultimate Immune Support


Our complete formula for the ultimate response with 1500 mg of fast-acting vitamin C for all-day support. Solaray ImmuFight Ultimate Immune Support is formulated with prebiotic, probiotics, and 25 vitamins, minerals and herbs your body needs to support a healthy response when you need it most. Fast-acting seasonal support for healthy immune and respiratory response, occasional stress, and optimal balance.

-1500 mg of fast-acting vitamin C for all-day support

-Organic Vitamin D, zinc and selenium
-Prebiotic and probiotics for gut health support
-Monolaurin for immune demand recognition support
-Olive leaf and elderberry to support the antioxidant process
-Phytonutrient-rich herbs for antioxidant support
-Herbal blend for bronchial and lung support
-Organic fermented mushrooms support healthy cell response
-Botanicals andrographis, echinacea, and astragalus  
Vegan | Gluten-free | Lab tested for potency, purity and identity