Methyl B-12

Natural Lemon-Raspberry, 60 ct 5000 mcg

Methyl B-12 - Natural Lemon-Raspberry
Methyl B-12 - Natural Mango Peach
Methyl B-12 - Natural Cherry

About the Product

High-potency, biologically active form of vitamin B-12 in delicious natural mango peach flavored lozenges.

Energy to shine!

When it comes to supporting healthy energy metabolism, vitamin B-12 can't be beat. A water soluble vitamin, B-12 is not stored in the body and must be acquired from the foods you eat or the supplements you take.

Solaray Methyl B-12 Lozenge is a deliciously convenient way to add vitamin B-12 to your daily diet. In fact, each one-lozenge serving provides approximately 2,500 mcg or 104,167% of the recommended dietary allowance of B-12 as methylcobalamin-- the biologically active form of B-12 in the body. Our formula is intended to help support healthy red blood cell production, proper nerve function, and healthy homocysteine levels. And with a mixture of natural sweeteners and flavors, you can trust our great-tasting lozenges to be as delicious as they are healthy!

Let Your Best Self Shine‚Ñ¢ with Solaray Methyl B-12!


Vitamin B-12

How to Use

Take one lozenge daily. Use only as directed.
  • Place in your mouth or under your tongue and allow it to dissolve slowly.

  • Store in a cool, dry place.