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Monolaurin, Immune System Support - 60ct 500mg

Monolaurin, Immune System Support

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Sometimes referred to as liquid gold, a mother's breast milk is often praised for its nutrient dense properties. And one of those powerful nutrients within a mother's milk is monolaurin. Bringing back to you what you had in the beginning, Solaray is proud to introduce our Monolaurin Immune System Support.

Literally one of Mother Nature's first defenses, Monolaurin may help to support healthy immune functions as well as a healthy digestive environment. Highly reputed for its wellness benefits, people also use monolaurin to help support optimal health. Solaray Monolaurin Immune System Support is sourced from natural coconut and provides 500 mg of monolaurin per each vegcap serving.

You do your best when you feel your best and you feel your best when you take the best. That's why our Monolaurin is lab verified for potency, purity and identity. Let Your Best Self Shine‚ and try Monolaurin Immune System Support!
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