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Mycrobiome Probiotic Pre/post Natal, 25bn, 24 Strain

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Microbiome balance is not only an essential component for maintaining your health, it's also important for supporting the health and growth of your baby!

Solaray Mycrobiome‚ Probiotic Pre & Post Natal contains 25 billion CFU of living organisms and is designed to help support both mother and baby before, during, and after pregnancy. With 24 strains of key probiotic bacteria including L. jensenii, L. gasseri, L. crispatus, and L. johnsonii, our powerful formula may help provide nutritive support for healthy fertility, pregnancy wellness, healthy uterine function, normal lactation, and overall mood and occasional stress.

With Solaray Mycrobiome‚ Probiotic Pre & Post Natal you get a probiotic that just works better. Our Enteric Shield VegCaps are designed to help live cultures survive stomach acids and arrive at the intestines, where they may be easily absorbed. Plus Mycrobiome‚ is freeze dried to protect fragile probiotics during short periods of unrefrigerated shipping, part of the Solaray's commitment to quality supplements that help you Live Brighter!