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Support from the sun throughout life's change.

Naturally occurring compounds found in plants, phytoestrogens may mimic your body's own estrogen. Whether consumed through foods or supplements, phytoestrogens may help provide healthy balance support for increased comfort as well as healthy bones and skin especially for women experiencing menopause.

Solaray PhytoEstrogen is formulated with non-GMO soy, wild yam, black cohosh, and dong quai, all plants containing phytoestrogens. Because we're committed to crafting superior supplements that just work better, our powerful menopause support supplement guarantees 2.5% diosgenin content - a phytoestrogen of wild yam that may be converted into progesterone in your body  as well as 3% isoflavones. That's support you can count on!

No matter your stage in life, Living Brighter with Solaray!