Propolis Plus, Immune System Support

Propolis Plus, Immune System Support


The bees have done it again!

A resin material made from the buds of trees and used in the construction of the beehive, propolis acts as as a sealant, or bee glue. But its powerful nutrient profile -- including naturally occurring amino acids and trace amounts of vitamins A, B-complex and E, as well as flavonoids and polyphenols -- also creates a healthier environment for the bees, acting as a kind of hive. 

Formulated with your radiant health in mind, Solaray Propolis Plus uses the knowledge of these intuitive and amazing insects to bring you a powerful supplement designed for healthy immune function support. We combine propolis from bee colonies with bee pollen and royal jelly for additional immune health support to help your body Live Brighter!

As always, Propolis Plus is lab tested to meet the highest standard of purity and potency -- the Solaray standard you've come to expect from all our quality supplements.