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Rosemary Leaf Extract 275mg

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This fragrant, tasty spice is a bright spot in the kitchen. But its potential health benefits can light up every room in your house!

Used as both a spice and a traditional remedy, the history of this sun-grown herb dates back thousands of years. Powerful plant compounds rosmarinic and carnosic acids could be the reason for its strong antioxidant activity, thought to help protect cells from free radical damage. In addition, rosemary may support the body's own antioxidant defense mechanisms to help protect your liver and GI tract and support healthy digestion.

Solaray Rosemary Leaf Extract is non-GMO, vegan, and guaranteed to contain 20% rosmarinic and 9% carnosic acids in every capsule. These compounds may also help enhance memory and concentration and support healthy brain function. And like all our products, our Rosemary is lab tested for potency and purity, part of the Solaray commitment to let your best self Live Brighter!