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Triple Strength Vitamin K-2, Mk-7 - 30ct 150mcg

Triple Strength Vitamin K-2, Mk-7

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Want to help power your skeletal system? Turn to the sun’s light.

When it comes to providing your bones with proper nutritional support, common knowledge points to calcium. But calcium alone can only do so much! Among its most critical roles, Vitamin K-2 may help transport calcium through the bloodstream to your bones helping to support skeletal, cardiovascular and vascular health.

Each 1-VegCap serving of Solaray Triple Strength Vitamin K-2 provides 150 mcg of vitamin K as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) from sun-grown, natural-source chickpea. MK-7 may last longer in the body and is more bioavailable than other forms of K-2 for optimal support. Just another reason the sun does it better!

Give your bones the support they need so you can shine!
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