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Vitamin E, Dry 165 Mg (200 Iu)

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Great for heart health, more radiant skin and much more, this powerhouse antioxidant will help you shine!

Custom-made for persons who have a hard time digesting fats or oils, this dry form of vitamin E is designed to give you all the benefits of an oil-based softgel in a powdered form that may be easier on your stomach. Taken regularly, vitamin E may help support normal, healthy cardiac function, and its antioxidant activity is thought to support the body against damaging free radicals.

Non-GMO and naturally sourced, Solaray Dry Form Vitamin E provides 400 IUs of this heart-healthy nutrient. We’ve included mixed tocopherols -- d-beta, d-gamma, d-delta and d-alpha -- to enhance the antioxidant support, so you get the most from every capsule.

Like all Solaray products, our Dry Form Vitamin E is lab verified for purity and potency, part of our ongoing commitment to provide supplements that just work better for your radiant health!