Celebrating 50 Years of Award-Winning Innovation

Celebrating 50 Years of Award-Winning Innovation

Solaray was born out of ingenuity in 1973. And we haven’t stopped innovating over the last five decades—leveraging the best advances that science and technology have to offer so we can bring you the efficacious supplements you want and need to Live Brighter.

To celebrate our fiftieth year, we’re revisiting some of our biggest product launches, which are still mainstays of our catalog today because you shared just how groundbreaking they were for your routine and well-being. We regularly update and build on these formulas, so they can continue to perform at the cutting edge of supplement health and wellness and keep helping you shine.

It’s woven into our brand values to never rest on our laurels. We have several new innovations slated to hit our website and store shelves in 2023, our golden anniversary year. First up? Our new Mycrobiome™ Prebiotic Powders coming in March, part of our novel Mycrobiome family that launched in 2018.

Travel back in time with us.

Our Timeline of Innovation

Here's to the trailblazers and originators.


  • Solaray is founded by wellness pioneer Jim Beck in Utah. We’re still based in the Beehive State today, with offices in Salt Lake City and Park City and our manufacturing facility in Ogden.


  • We’re one of the earliest supplement brands to commercialize herbal blends in capsules—we call them our SP blends. We continue to produce more than a dozen targeted SP formulas that highlight our roots in traditional herbalism and honor our forward-thinking founder. Though we’ve branched out to offer vitamins and minerals, we remain dedicated to herbal supplements. In fact, we were named Best Herbal Brand by Whole Foods Magazine three years in a row. And our Turmeric has been named Top Herbal Supplement by Vitamin Retailer Magazine.
  • The Solaray science team develops cayenne cooling technology for our Cool Cayenne™ formula; it allows supplementers to finally be able to take the herb without burning or irritating the stomach. Today, we have a roster of multiple Cool Cayenne products for digestive support you can count on.*


  • Solaray CranActin® with CranActin Cranberry AF Extract™ is introduced, one of the first cranberry supplements clinically researched for bacterial anti-adherence.* In 2008, it won Better Nutrition Magazine’s Best of Supplement Award for Best Women’s Product—and it has been a Solaray bestseller ever since. After its launch, we expanded our line of CranActin offerings to provide even more proven support for urinary and bladder health.* In particular, we added in formulas featuring D-mannose, a simple sugar with powerful urinary tract-supporting properties.* The line now includes liquids, powders, and chewables, so you can find an option that works well for you and your regimen.
  • Timed-release Vitamin C launches, which is designed to release half of the nutrient rapidly for fast-acting support and the other half gradually for long-lasting support.* We currently have several timed-release formulas in our Vitamin C lineup, including Best Of Awards Best Vitamin 2011 winner Reacta-C®, which delivers a patented form of Vitamin C over an extended period, for 24-hour support.*


  • Mycrobiome probiotics hit shelves—and in 2018, Men’s Formula wins a Best Of Supplement Award. The formulas are delivered in unique Enteric Shield® VegCaps. Stomach acid is harsh on probiotic cells. Our Enteric Shield VegCaps are specially designed to protect fragile probiotics during the digestive process and ensure they arrive safely and alive.* In fact, our rigorous testing shows how they stack up: Capsules with Enteric Shield remain intact in stomach acid for at least 60 minutes and then disintegrate quickly in the small intestine, delivering the beneficial cultures where you need them.*

    This year, we're expanding our line to include prebiotics, so you can feed your probiotics and nourish your gut.* Now you can turn to Mycrobiome for comprehensive digestive support in just two simple steps: Before you probiotic, prebiotic. After you prebiotic, probiotic.
  • Our revolutionary Liposomal Multivitamins are available online and in health food stores. They’re designed using advanced liposomal technology for enhanced absorption and superior bioavailability.* Instead of delivering liposomes in the traditional liquid format, our proprietary approach dehydrates them into a powder and can be used with convenient capsules. We are the first supplement company to deliver true liposomal nutrients in this way. Learn more about liposomes. (Sneak peek: We plan to launch new liposomal formulas in the coming months.)

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