Our Testing Protocols

Our Testing Protocols

To bring you only the best.


It’s a word that’s used frequently in our industry today, but one that’s difficult to achieve. At Solaray, this has been part of our DNA since the beginning. Quality is something we treat with the utmost importance and is one of our foundational principles. This is one of the reasons why our loyal following has trusted us for nearly a half-century. To create efficacious supplements, significant investment in scientific research is critical. To that end, we’ve brought our labs and roster of scientists in-house to our production facilities to optimize cohesion between manufacturing and research. Each of our 900+ Solaray products undergoes stringent and rigorous tests to qualify as shelf-ready. Our state-of-the-art labs use advanced technology to test and re-test each individual supplement we make, ensuring some of the highest quality available.

Our in-house scientist roster consists of both Masters and Ph.D. degree experts within the fields of biochemistry, biology, and related priority disciplines. Hiring proficient researchers from scientific and academic communities allows us to ensure we’re delivering the best product for you, whatever your health needs might be. For further detail on our sustainable labs, visit here – from the moment the raw materials arrive through our warehouse receiving doors to final testing for contaminants, our testing protocols inspire confidence in our discerning customers as they make product decisions they can depend on.

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