Union Square Greenmarket

We’re bringing our Food Is Not Enough campaign to life in New York City. We hope you’ll join us for a thought-provoking, eye-opening experience designed to support you on your wellness journey so you can Live Brighter and embrace the moments that matter most.


The Plaza at 17th and Broadway, adjacent to Union Square Greenmarket


Thursday, June 16, 1-6pm

Friday, June 17, 10am – 6pm

Saturday, June 18, 9am – 5pm


A chance to learn why Food Is Not Enough and smart supplementation matters. Discover surprising food-supplement equivalencies and take part in engaging activities and challenges. Walk away with a new viewpoint on nutritional health and wellness—and some prizes, too.

Think You’re Getting Enough From Your Food? Think Again.

Research suggests around 90% of the population doesn’t get enough essential vitamins and minerals from food alone—even when we’re doing our best to eat healthily and regardless of factors like age, sex, and life stage.

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As part of the Food Is Not Enough campaign, Solaray will provide financial and product donations to support Direct Relief, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical assistance and disaster relief in the United States and internationally to those who need it most. For upcoming donation and partnership updates, follow along on Field Notes, our content and media hub.