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A Healthy Immune System

We believe that a healthy, nourished body works like body armor, shielding the body from challenging daily environmental and seasonal threats. Our Immufight line is specially formulated for with vitamins and minerals enriched with herbal extracts that help fortify your immune system defense.

Immufight Maximum Daily Defense
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Our Daily Defense Formulas

Our Daily Defense and Maximum Daily Defense are formulated to take daily to support the body's natural immune responses year around.

Your Daily Defense

An every-day defense that’s anything but ordinary. Solaray ImmuFight Daily Defense formula was specially formulated for daily use just for you. Formulated with prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts that help promote healthy immune system defense and healthy immune activity.

-Fast-acting Vitamin C for long-lasting, all day support

-Zinc Citrate in a well absorbed form. May help support the development and function of the immune system.

-Selenium helps protect cells from free radical damage

-Organic Vitamin D

Maximum Daily Support

Solaray Immufight Maximum Daily Defense is formulated to provide daily support for optimal immune system function. This potent blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and whole foods works synergistically for maximum support during environmental and seasonal changes so you can feel your best any time of the year

-Your Maximum Defense: 1000 mg of fast-acting vitamin C, plus monolaurin for all-day immunity support

-Targeted Formula: Designed to provide maximum daily support for environmental & seasonal changes

-Proactive Nutrition: Helps fortify immune function with organic vitamin D, zinc, selenium & more

-Gut Health: Contains prebiotic & probiotics for powerful gut health support & optimal balance

Our Seasonal Defense Formulas

Our Seasonal Defense Immufight products are meant to take at the onset of symptoms. When you start to feel under the weather these Immufight products are formulated with extra strength ingredients tailored to help you keep a strong immune system.

Respiratory Support

Immufight Respiratory Response has the same formula as our Daily Defense Immufight with added ingredients to help give bronchial & lung support. It is formulated for specialized reactive support targeted for respiratory needs.

-Quercetin for support in healthy sinus, upper respiratory, bronchial & lung support, and immune function.

-Berberin helps support a healthy microbiome, immune function and metabolism

Immune Response

Targeted immune response support starts here. Solaray ImmuFight Immune Response Support is formulated with prebiotic, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to support a healthy response when needed. Solaray ImmuFight Immune Response was specially formulated to support healthy immune activity when you need it, and help keep your system clean, healthy, and strong.

-500 mg of vitamin C support is designed to be fast acting and long lasting

-Organic Vitamin D, Zinc, and Selenium. Helps promote your body's natural immune function

-Monolaurin may provide support for immune demand recognition

-Probiotic and prebiotic support

-Olive leaf and elderberry for targeted antioxidant process support

Ultimate Support

Our complete formula for the ultimate response with 1500 mg of fast-acting vitamin C for all-day support. Solaray ImmuFight Ultimate Immune Support is formulated with prebiotic, probiotics, and 25 vitamins, minerals and herbs your body needs to support a healthy response when you need it most. Fast-acting seasonal support for healthy immune and respiratory response, occasional stress, and optimal balance.

-Organic Vitamin D, zinc and selenium

-Prebiotic and probiotics for gut health support

-Monolaurin for immune demand recognition support

-Olive leaf and elderberry to support the antioxidant process

-Phytonutrient-rich herbs for antioxidant support

-Organic fermented mushrooms support healthy cell response

-Botanicals andrographis, echinacea, and astragalus  

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