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  • New Sharpmind Nootropics

    Clinically-Backed Nutrients

  • New Solaray SharpMind supplements are expertly formulated to help promote mental and emotional well-being.* They’re made with only the highest-quality, most efficacious ingredients, including clinically backed nutrients along with potent adaptogenic herbs and fermented organic mushrooms. These synergistic blends deliver nutritive support for the nervous system and gut-brain axis—for the mind-body connection.*

    Use our five powerful nootropic products—Energy, Focus, Stress, Mood, and Sleep—alone or in combination to stay feeling your best so you can embrace the moments that matter most.*

Illuminate Episode One: SharpMind Nootropics

Formulated to help promote mental & emotional well-being.

Caffeine-Free Energy Support

SharpMind Energy is a synergistic blend of mushrooms and herbs that supports mental energy to help you power through your day, without having to worry about the jitters or crash caffeine can cause.* It’s made with clinically backed enXtra® Alpinia Galangal, shown to sharpen alertness and focus for up to 5 hours.*†

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Cognitive Focus Support

When life demands your undivided attention, turn to SharpMind Focus, designed to promote clear thinking so you can sustain concentration.* This potent formula is made with award-winning, clinically backed Cognizin® Citicoline, studied to support focus, mental alertness, and cognitive energy.*†

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Support for Occasional Stress

Your mental and emotional health is top of mind these days, as it should be. SharpMind Stress is formulated to help you take control of your well-being and find a sense of serenity when you need it most. It features clinically backed Shoden® Ashwagandha, observed to support a healthy response to occasional stress.*†

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Cognitive Mood Support

You want to keep a positive outlook—no matter what life throws your way—so you can embrace the moments that matter most. Our SharpMind Mood formula is designed to help you stay calm and maintain a relaxed, tranquil mind.* It contains clinically researched Zembrin®, an extract from South Africa demonstrated to support a healthy mood and overall emotional well-being.*†

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Targeted Sleep Support

With SharpMind Sleep, a good night’s rest doesn’t have to be just a dream. This formula delivers a powerful blend of ingredients chosen for their ability to promote calm and relaxation and offer targeted sleep support, including clinically backed Shoden® Ashwagandha, researched to support a healthy sleep cycle.*†

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