Top Tips for Building Your Best Wellness Routine This New Year

Top Tips for Building Your Best Wellness Routine This New Year

Whether you set specific New Year’s resolutions or not, chances are the calendar transition has you thinking about how to be healthier and Live Brighter in the weeks and months to come. Now is the perfect time to create a brand-new supplement regimen or refresh your existing one. We’ve identified three steps to help you build your best wellness routine—plus, we’re sharing pointers for sticking with your program well beyond January. Read on.

Build a Winning Supplement Routine in 3 Steps

We know that creating a supplement routine from scratch or seeking out different formulas to include in your day to day can feel like an overwhelming task with all the options out there (Solaray offers 900+ products). But it doesn’t have to. Use the information below as a guide, and you’ll be on your way to a new program for the new year.

Step #1: Cover Your Bases with a Multivitamin.

You’ve heard us say it before: Food is not enough. Research suggests around 90% of Americans don’t get adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals from food alone.1 Even when we’re trying our hardest to eat healthily, for reasons discussed at the link above such as partial nutrient absorption, we are still falling short.

Taking a multivitamin is one of the best and simplest ways to help fill in any nutrient gaps you may be experiencing and promote whole-body wellness.* Multis contain an array of critical nutrients in one serving, including those commonly deficient or insufficient in the Standard American Diet. They can also contain additional ingredients, such as herbs, to support your overall health and well-being.*

When shopping for a high-quality multivitamin, look for one that provides at least 100% of the daily value (DV) or more for most nutrients it contains. (Some exceptions include Magnesium and Calcium, which cannot be present in multis in significant potencies.) Also, choose a multi that contains premium ingredients, such as methylated B vitamins for rapid response, and delivers nutrients in a way that protects them through the digestive process, while also making them easy on the stomach.

Liposomal Multivitamins

Our new Liposomal Multivitamins are crafted using proprietary liposomal technology designed to offer enhanced absorption and superior bioavailability.*† Each of our four innovative formulas—Universal, Women’s, Women’s 50+, and Men’s—contains a high-potency blend of 30+ liposomal nutrients from Vitamin A to Zinc, including trace minerals and methylated B vitamins plus herbs, with 18 or more nutrients at or over the DV. They are odor-neutral compared to other multis and are gentle to digest. 

Step #2: Pick a Probiotic—Or Probiotics.

You may think of a probiotic as a supplement only for select times, like when you’re taking certain medications or traveling to new and different environments. But if you ask us, a good probiotic is as important to a good daily routine as a multivitamin.

After all, the human body contains as many microbial cells as human cells—in fact, slightly more. Research suggests the average person is made up of around 39 trillion bacteria and around 30 trillion human cells.These bacteria and other microorganisms, such as fungi and viruses, are collectively known as the microbiome. Though not all of these microbes are beneficial, many are, and they’re known as probiotics.

The microbiome is often thought of as a supporting organ because it plays so many roles in helping the body function smoothly. Notably, it’s not only involved in digestion, but also immunity.3 Scientists report at least 70% of the immune system is located in the gut, where the body’s largest population of microbes also resides.4 So it just makes sense to nourish and maintain your gut microbiome with a regular probiotic supplement.*

To select a high-quality probiotic, look for formulas that contain multiple unique bacterial strains at efficacious levels. Perhaps most importantly, look for a product that shields probiotics from stomach acid. 

Mycrobiome Probiotics

Solaray’s line of probiotics, Mycrobiome, offers unique strains at clinically researched potencies. Our Enteric Shield® VegCaps are designed to protect fragile probiotics during the digestive process, so they reach your gut safely and alive.* They remain intact in stomach acid for at least 60 minutes and then disintegrate quickly in the small intestine—delivering the cultures where you need them.*

Our Men’s, Women’s, and Adult 50+ Mycrobiome formulas are designed for regular daily use. But you may want to switch things up and turn to our Urgent Care, Weight, or Pre & Post Natal formulas when your needs change. Consider also adding in our Mouth & Throat probiotic lozenges alongside your everyday gut formula to support your oral health.*

Want even more gut support? Before you probiotic, prebiotic: Our non-bloating Mycrobiome Prebiotic Powder mixes easily into your beverage of choice so you can feed your probiotics and nourish your gut.*

Step #3: Address Your Specific Needs and Goals

Of course, your best wellness routine is one that meets your individual needs and objectives and that works with your lifestyle. When adding in additional supplements, think on specific needs you may have regarding your diet or health, along with major wellness goals you have for the new year.

For example, if you eat a plant-based diet, you may want to take supplemental Iron, certain B Vitamins, Calcium, or Omegas, as vegetarians and vegans are often lacking in these nutrients.5 Or, you may be an athlete and need bone and joint support so you can keep moving with purpose and strength and reaching your highest heights.

If you’re like most Americans, you may need additional Vitamin D on top of your daily multi. According to a US national survey, more than 94% of the population doesn’t meet the daily requirement for this important nutrient, which plays a role in sustaining bone health, heart health, immunity, and more.*6

SharpMind Nootropics

If you’re looking to take charge of your mental and emotional well-being—to get more sleep, better focus, and stay calm during times of occasional stress—turn to our SharpMind line, with five nootropic formulas for the mind-body connection.*

At, you can browse by health interest or product category so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Keep in mind, we offer a variety of formats—from capsules to powders to chewables—so as you’re crafting or adjusting your routine, think about what will be easiest and most enjoyable for you to take.


Set Yourself Up for Success

Now that you’ve built your best supplement routine, here are five quick pointers to help you stick with it for the most benefit.

  • Start small. If you’re not used to taking supplements every day, begin with just one or two to get used to the habit and then build a bigger, more comprehensive routine once you’re comfortable.
  • Be on time. Consistency is key: You’re less likely to forget to take your supplements if you take them at the same time every day. Check your product’s label to see if it specifies AM or PM use. But in general, the best time to take your supplement is whenever fits easily into your schedule.
  • Stack your habits. Create a new daily habit by building on an existing healthy habit. For example, take your new supplements right before or after you finish brushing your teeth in the morning.
  • Seek out support. Consider asking friends or family to go on this supplement journey with you. An “accountability buddy” can help keep you on track.
  • Stay stocked up. You can’t take your supplements if you don’t have them, so try not to let yourself run out. If you skip a day or two or more, it can be difficult to get back into the rhythm. Our Subscribe & Save program allows you to get your supplements shipped straight to your door every month—and lets you save 20%, too. Just select Subscribe & Save at checkout.

As you’re creating your routine, if you have questions about any Solaray supplement, contact our Education Helpline at; our knowledgeable Product Specialists are there to help.



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Always talk with your healthcare practitioner to see if a supplement regimen is right for you. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using the products mentioned here or any dietary supplement.

Based on clinical studies on Vitamin C and B12 by Cellg8® (a registered trademark of CELLg8®).

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